The FC&A alliance is made up of an alliance of specialised communications companies, all operated by heavy-weight individuals who have heavy-weight grounding in the mainstream of the communications industry as members of global agency networks, and have been operating independently for some ten years now.



Owned and run by Linda Beatty The Full Circle Advertising is the core member of the alliance and provides the strategic and media planning services of the consortium as well as project management for the alliance when the companies work as a team. Linda is an all-rounder, one might say a polymath of sorts, with experience in the advertising and media mainstream across most categories and disciplines above- and below-the-line. She has special insight into the informal sector and social marketing, with special interest in business to business communication.



Legworx Word & Vision is an multi-disciplined advertising, communications and audio-visual production agency led by Mark Legward, a UCT-trained actor, broadcaster, advertising copywriter and creative director of some 25 years. The scope of Legworx is broad - from strategic creative origination and full TTL services to audio visual
production offerings that include Broadcast and Corporate TV, Educational & HR programming and Radio.



George de Braak brings extensive skills above-, below- and beyond-the-line to areas of conceptual development, photography, art direction, design, publishing and repro for print, outdoor, moving media, corporate ID, direct and guerrilla marketing.



Owned by Dorria Watt, KC Communications offers a comprehensive, results orientated public relations and communications service. The objective is to provide professional communication to build and expand clients' visibility and competitive advantage through creative strategies and tactics. This results-driven approach has helped build reputations and enhance the bottom line of local and international clients. The company also offers PR relating to corporate reputation building through CSI projects and the overseeing of strategic events in line with business objectives. Dorria Watt has extensive consultancy experience in fields as diverse as evening, strategic communication, conferencing and promotions. She is a straight-talker, committed to getting the job done and prides herself in her ability to offer a service that is accountable, responsible and flexible.



Each member of the alliance brings individual expertise and takes individual responsibility within a highly flexible working framework. Big committees steal time, hierarchies limit initiative, big infrastructures generate more paperwork and unnecessary third parties are often just someone else to brief. It's the reason why we prefer face-to-face with clients. If we're on your job, we're in the room. It's quicker, smarter and cheaper for everyone.


Our daily working principles:


... and a few other (basic) rules-of-thumb: